town + country (or cityville vs. farmville)


I’m a bit of a Farmville addict. I started playing initially as research for work, pretty much any online game you develop these days has to have some sort of social aspect and Farmville does this best. So, this week, i’ve given Cityville a go to see if they’ve come up with anything new.


christmas! by harvey nichols.

Harvey Nichols window display

Harvey Nichols stores are famed for their stunning window displays. And since I haven’t yet a) posted anything about Christmas and b) posted any pretty pictures lately, here’s something pretty and festive to kill two birds with one stone.

hackers guide to facebook.

Facebook hack

Sitting in a big, freezing cold, metal OB truck on a studio back-lot gives you quite a lot of time to think. And surf the internet. And that’s how I came across this lovely little hack, whilst amusing myself reading Failbook.

top of the (fashion) blogs.

Call yourself a fashionista? Maybe not. But if you like to keep up on your fashion, and you’re reading this blog, then you really should know about the cream of the crop in the fashion blogosphere.

playstation mobile. (psp optional).

PlayStation iPhone app

You must have seen it on the horizon? If you’re a gamer with a smartphone you will have been wondering when it would happen. You might even be surprised that it hasn’t happened yet. Well, it’s happening soon. In early 2011.