social climbing with gossip girl.

Gossip Girl: Social Climbing

All the popular shows seem to have cottoned on to the joys of social gaming. And the latest debutante on the social scene is the Manhattan’s elusive and exclusive, Gossip Girl.


the model farm.

Farmville Model Farm

I am aware that I bang on about Farmville a fair bit. Sorry about that. But it’s with good cause. Farmville is the perfect example of how a social media game should be done. It’s really the game that kicked it all off.

fashion disaster more like…

Very, very, very quick blog alert for you here. Something I thought you should all be aware of and avoid like the plague. I may have just uncovered the *worst* social game on Facebook….

town + country (or cityville vs. farmville)


I’m a bit of a Farmville addict. I started playing initially as research for work, pretty much any online game you develop these days has to have some sort of social aspect and Farmville does this best. So, this week, i’ve given Cityville a go to see if they’ve come up with anything new.