playstation mobile. (psp optional).

You must have seen it on the horizon? If you’re a gamer with a smartphone you will have been wondering when it would happen. You’re probably surprised that it hasn’t happened already. Well, it’s happening soon. In early 2011.

I’m talking about the PlayStation mobile app that will be available on iPhone and Android very soon. Just like the PlayStation network accessible online and through your console, you’ll be able to login and keep up with the gaming action while you’re on the go.

Ok, so yes, there’s a PSP out there that does this already, and yes, you can play games on that as well as just access PSN. But they’re expensive, playability isn’t great, and they’re not 3G. Not to mention pretty finickety when it comes to getting online.

With the mobile apps, you might not be able to play games – but who needs to? Youve got plenty of other developer made games on your smartphone already. And let’s face it, once the app comes out it’s not likely to be too long before integration work means you can play across wifi or 3G on some of the PlayStation titles available for mobile.

So, with the new PS app, you’ll be able to keep track of your trophies, online status, games and news, as well as post to Facebook and Twitter. It pretty much gets one over on Microsoft too, because while Xbox Live is available as an app, the catch is you need to have a Windows phone. Oops.

No news as yet on how much it’ll cost. But it’ll be out in the UK and Europe before the US – hurrah. And then of course there are all those PlayStation phone rumours bobbing about as well…



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