glorious technicolour.

Bright hair SS11

Anyone who knows me (or who has at least known me for a few years) will know that I am a huge fan of brightly coloured hair, often artistically and lovingly crafted in a whole rainbow of colours.


i love a good rumour.

Is Facebook shutting down?

Brilliant. Got into work this morning and discovered the best rumour had circulated over the weekend ever. Shame I didn’t notice at the time! Apparently, facebook is shutting down forever on March 15.

tomb raider trilogy.

Tomb Raider Trilogy

Wow. It’s been a busy day today. Just jumped online and the first thing I see is Tomb Raider Trilogy trending all over the place (alongside Marylin Monroe!) so I thought i’d better check it out.

upsetting the (power) balance


On checking out twitter trending topics this morning, I noticed PowerBalance was up there. Now, if you’re not into anything fitness related, you might not have heard of them – but you’ve probably seen at least one superstar sportsman (or woman), uh, sporting, shall we say, a PowerBalance wristband.

twends and tweeps.

Twitter Year in Review 2010

Hopefully i’ll get chance to write something properly a little later on, but just in case, here’s alittle adendum to my post from yesterday about twitter action in 2010.