playstation mobile. (psp optional).

PlayStation iPhone app

You must have seen it on the horizon? If you’re a gamer with a smartphone you will have been wondering when it would happen. You might even be surprised that it hasn’t happened yet. Well, it’s happening soon. In early 2011.


angry birds xmas.

Angry Birds Seasons

For those of you suffering from Angry Birds withdrawal symptoms after working your way through the Halloween edition, don’t panic! The christmas special is here.

girls aren’t stupid.

Grazia Daily

Now, I am all for geeking-up a few more girls, but it would be great if we could go about this by *not* talking to the female population as though they’re air-headed idiots only concerned with trying to stay upright on 6-inch heels. Because on the whole, we’re not.

ar: hidden exhibition

MoMA AR hidden exhibition

Yesterday I gave you a bit of infor about augmented reality. As the technology grows and more people start to come up with innovative and exciting ways to use this tech, we should start to see some pretty cool stuff happening.