Green Day

start as you mean to go on.

Hi everyone. This is my shiny new blog…

Green Day

awesome as f***. yes, mark, they are.

Despite what Mark, our intern (tea boy, errand boy, box carrier and general dogsbody) has to say on the matter. Green Day are in fact awesome as f***. So it’s fair enough that they have named their new album as such. What makes them even more awesome however, is the lovely digital campaign running alongside the album launch.

Wonder Woman on Facebook

where in the world is wonder woman?

Excited is an understatement. One day, very soon, I might get to meet my favourite superhero of all-time. Wonder Woman.

Glamour UK on Facebook

facebook gets glammed up.

Here’s a pretty cool idea. Glamour Magazine (UK version), published by Conde Naste, has made it’s first ever UK issue available exclusively to fans of it’s Facebook page for 48 hours. That’s a lot of f’s.

Kill Bill infographic

kill bill – the infographic.

While searching for infographic inspiration the other day (yes, I am that much of a loser), I came across this Kill Bill infographic. It was so awesome that I had to share it. Even though I can’t understand the language.

Got to Dance

your name’s not down, you’re not coming in.

WARNING: RANT ALERT! Ok, I’ve given you fair warning. Here it comes. I cannot express how angry I am with whoever is managing the social media for Sky 1’s Got to Dance.