nike truecity

Nike True City

Ok, seems i’m on a bit of an AR blitz this week (bit of a change from shoes anyway). Had to tell you about this though. Nike have just launched a new all-encompassing augmented relaity app called Nike TrueCity.


marks+sparks: back in the game.

Marks and Spencer shoes

I’ve had a little bit of a shoe fixation this week, but this is something i’ve been meaning to tell you about all week. Marks & Spencer – officially awesome shoes!

Shoeperhero from Selfridges

I’m afraid to say I’m not feeling very inspired today; so I thought i’d share a a video with you.

jimmy choo, where are you?

Jimmy Choo Foursquare

So, this is kind of old news. But, since it encapsulates what my blog is all about, and my blog didn’t exist when this happened, I figured I should at least give it a nod.

i *heart* ugg.

Ugg Australia & Jimmy Choo

When Uggs first hit the streets in the UK a few years ago, introduced (as most things were at the time) by Ms Moss, I hated them. I refused to wear them. I poured scorn on girls that did – and god forbid a MAN should be seen wearing a pair!