kill bill – the infographic.

Kill Bill infographic

While searching for infographic inspiration the other day (yes, I am that much of a loser), I came across this Kill Bill infographic. It was so awesome that I had to share it. Even though I can’t understand the language.


polyvore me.


Today I accidentally discovered Polyvore. It’s one of the most fun things i’ve come across (in terms of what interests me) in a while, so i’m sharing it here for you to play with too.

there’s an app store for that.

Mac App Store

Ok, i’m not going to rip off the million storeies elsewhere online. I will simply tell you the news. As if you haven’t heard already. Apple have finally launched the Mac App Store.

digital prettiness.

Bring it on III wallpaper

It’s the second day back at work after New Year. We’re all feeling a bit annoyed about it and would still like to be at home drinking [insert tipple of choice] and watching crap TV. But we’re not. So here’s some lovely images to look at.

town + country (or cityville vs. farmville)


I’m a bit of a Farmville addict. I started playing initially as research for work, pretty much any online game you develop these days has to have some sort of social aspect and Farmville does this best. So, this week, i’ve given Cityville a go to see if they’ve come up with anything new.