there’s an app store for that.

Mac App Store

Ok, i’m not going to rip off the million storeies elsewhere online. I will simply tell you the news. As if you haven’t heard already. Apple have finally launched the Mac App Store.


tomb raider trilogy.

Tomb Raider Trilogy

Wow. It’s been a busy day today. Just jumped online and the first thing I see is Tomb Raider Trilogy trending all over the place (alongside Marylin Monroe!) so I thought i’d better check it out.

ces 2011: day 1 (the story so far).

Lenovo Arcade Dock Mod

For those that don’t know CES is the Consumer Electronics Show. And CES 2011 is taking place right now folks, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The geeks o the world (like my good self) have been waiting in dribbling anticipation to see what goodies the elctronic gods have brought us this year.


Resident evil 3D

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this plastered all over every gaming website and magazine. But I guess everyone’s been a bit caught up in whatever shiny new gadgetry or game they got for Christmas. Ho-hum. Still, i’m sure there’ll be lots of Nintendo shouting coming your way…

digital prettiness.

Bring it on III wallpaper

It’s the second day back at work after New Year. We’re all feeling a bit annoyed about it and would still like to be at home drinking [insert tipple of choice] and watching crap TV. But we’re not. So here’s some lovely images to look at.