oreos vs. l’il wayne: facebook face-off

Lil Wayne vs Oreos

Hi all. Yes, I know, I haven’t blooged for a week or so. A combination of work and illness (sometimes combined) has left no time for writing digital rubbish. I’ve spent most of the last few weeks either at work or in bed. Sorry about that.


lego is cool.

Lego Angry Birds

I am not making my title and opening statement there simply because I got a Lego AT-AT to play with for Christmas (although I did, and it suffers from awesome levels of coolness). Nope. It’s because Lego whizz Tsang Yiu Keung has made Angry Birds out of the stuff!

i love a good rumour.

Is Facebook shutting down?

Brilliant. Got into work this morning and discovered the best rumour had circulated over the weekend ever. Shame I didn’t notice at the time! Apparently, facebook is shutting down forever on March 15.

there’s an app store for that.

Mac App Store

Ok, i’m not going to rip off the million storeies elsewhere online. I will simply tell you the news. As if you haven’t heard already. Apple have finally launched the Mac App Store.

fancy a job at twitter, anyone?

Jobs at Twitter

What’s your dream job? Right now, a lot of people, maybe you, have made a New Year’s resolution to get themselves a new job – the job of their dreams. So how does a job at Twitter Towers sound?