facebook gets glammed up.

Glamour UK on Facebook

Here’s a pretty cool idea. Glamour Magazine (UK version), published by Conde Naste, has made it’s first ever UK issue available exclusively to fans of it’s Facebook page for 48 hours. That’s a lot of f’s.


polyvore me.


Today I accidentally discovered Polyvore. It’s one of the most fun things i’ve come across (in terms of what interests me) in a while, so i’m sharing it here for you to play with too.

girls aren’t stupid.

Grazia Daily

Now, I am all for geeking-up a few more girls, but it would be great if we could go about this by *not* talking to the female population as though they’re air-headed idiots only concerned with trying to stay upright on 6-inch heels. Because on the whole, we’re not.