where in the world is wonder woman?

Wonder Woman on Facebook

Excited is an understatement. One day, very soon, I might get to meet my favourite superhero of all-time. Wonder Woman.


girls aren’t stupid.

Grazia Daily

Now, I am all for geeking-up a few more girls, but it would be great if we could go about this by *not* talking to the female population as though they’re air-headed idiots only concerned with trying to stay upright on 6-inch heels. Because on the whole, we’re not.

nike truecity

Nike True City

Ok, seems i’m on a bit of an AR blitz this week (bit of a change from shoes anyway). Had to tell you about this though. Nike have just launched a new all-encompassing augmented relaity app called Nike TrueCity.

all over the place(s).

Westfield Valley Fair offer

Facebook Places hasn’t long been launched, but brands are already starting to pick up on how they might use the new Facebook check-in functions.