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Just a quickie for now. I have created a new page on my blog – you can see it up there in the main nav bar; Quick cuts.


my darklyng.

My Darklyng

I just came across this article by Katie Roiphe on the Hollywood University blog, it’s from back in August this year, but it has some very interesting social commentary on teenage use of Facebook.

what i want for christmas. please.

The Kids Robo-Walker

Yes, I know this article is about kids. And yes, it would pretty much be a living nightmare should some kid from a council estate in Stockton ever get their hands on one. But i’m child size…

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Wow. It was such a massively busy week last week (what with one thing or another – flat hunting, work, gym, finding an intern, jiu jitsu…) that I actually didn’t have a free second to blog about any of the things I had planned.