For no other reason than the fact that this cake is awesome, I give you: playable angry birds birthday cake.

Timo Weiland on Fashism

watchitoo and wear it.

In line with the Mashable article I posted a link to on Saturday, it seems more and more designers are climbing on board the social media train. Oh yes, woo-woo etc. Yeah, anyway…

Marc Jacobs live show

luxury brands do it online.

Ok, very, very short post for you here because I found a very interesting article on Mashable tonight that I think you should cast your eyes over about luxury fashion brands getting their online act together.

Topshop window display

#lfw window display is top(shop).

London Fashion Week started today which means we’re starting to see Oxford Street retailers get in on the act. So who else would you expect to beleading the way except Topshop?

Microsoft TAG

microsoft plays tag @ LFW

Microsoft have announced that they’ll be working with the British Fashion Council at London Fashion Week using TAG, it’s mobile barcode service, to help glittering fashionistas get the all the info they need about the weeks’ events.