ces 2011: day 1 (the story so far).

Lenovo Arcade Dock Mod

For those that don’t know CES is the Consumer Electronics Show. And CES 2011 is taking place right now folks, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The geeks o the world (like my good self) have been waiting in dribbling anticipation to see what goodies the elctronic gods have brought us this year.



Resident evil 3D

I’m surprised I haven’t seen this plastered all over every gaming website and magazine. But I guess everyone’s been a bit caught up in whatever shiny new gadgetry or game they got for Christmas. Ho-hum. Still, i’m sure there’ll be lots of Nintendo shouting coming your way…

consoling those angry birds.

Angry Birds PSP

Just found this out via @Mashable… Angry Birds is headed to the land of console gaming. Nice.

upsetting the (power) balance


On checking out twitter trending topics this morning, I noticed PowerBalance was up there. Now, if you’re not into anything fitness related, you might not have heard of them – but you’ve probably seen at least one superstar sportsman (or woman), uh, sporting, shall we say, a PowerBalance wristband.

playstation mobile. (psp optional).

PlayStation iPhone app

You must have seen it on the horizon? If you’re a gamer with a smartphone you will have been wondering when it would happen. You might even be surprised that it hasn’t happened yet. Well, it’s happening soon. In early 2011.