awesome as f***. yes, mark, they are.

Green Day

Despite what Mark, our intern (tea boy, errand boy, box carrier and general dogsbody) has to say on the matter. Green Day are in fact awesome as f***.  So it’s fair enough that they have named their new album as such. What makes them even more awesome however,  is the lovely digital campaign running alongside the album launch.

Mark, bless him, is in his post-university, idealistic phase and of course, is heavily into his music. Clearly he is not old enough (or wise enough) to understand just how awesome Green Day actually are – he at one point called them ‘old as f*ck’. This is not acceptable. But hopefully he can see the neatness of this campaign… is essentially a type of crowdsource project that very tidily pulls together the theme of the album with user generated content, and creates a community of Green Day fans around the world. The idea is actually pretty simple; share your memories of Green Day concerts past online to win a trip to New York to see the American Idiot show on Broadway (Mark: the fact that there is a Green Day show on Broadway should be evidence enough of awesomeness).

It cleverly wraps the theme of the album – a compilation of their singles as performed live at different gigs around the world – into it’s own mini social network.

Fans are asked to visit the site and upload their ‘memories’ of their favourite Green Day gig. Once registered, fans need first to select the gig they attended – wherever in the world that might be. Then write up their gig memory and submit any photos or videos they might have. And once the entry is done, search around the site, read other fans’ stories and generally reminisce.

There’s also a dedicated section for fans who made it up on stage with the band. And of course, all the standard share functions to help syndicate the campaign.

I just think this is a really clever mechanic for a band to hit on (ok, so it was more likely the idea of some digital advertising creative, probably sitting in an uber-cool NY ad office surrounded by vinyl toys and games consoles and weird, architectural seating), but still. When you think about the feeling of camaraderie that instantly springs up between complete strangers once you start discussing a favourite band or a gig you discover you were both at, you can see why this concept would work well in a social campaign. It’s almost the natural next step from a fan forum.

I do think the visualiser style map could have been implemented much better, and the design of the site in itself is pretty basic; the IA could definitely use a little work, but overall I love the idea – and of course i’m a huge Green Day fan, so that helps. And let’s just be clear, none of these points diminish the awesomeness. What might diminish the awesomeness a little bit is that it doesn’t seem to be amplified at all on Facebook or Twitter – I would have thought this would be perfect for a friend finder app on Facebook for example? And surely there’s got to be something there for Facebook places too, some kind of global tour check-in?!

Go check it out. And if you have a Green Day memory to add – go for it. Sadly, I have never managed to see them live (unless maybe I did, but was not in any state to remember it – I feel as though I *might* have seen them at Leeds Festival perhaps…)

And ok, Mark is not really our general dogsbody. He is actually a very good intern (hopefully soon to be promoted to actual full employee type person) a talented copywriter and knows his digital sh*t. He does make a good cuppa though. You can follow him on Twitter as well if you feel like it @iamarealist.


2 Responses to “awesome as f***. yes, mark, they are.”
  1. Abbi says:

    My friend is actually working on the site. My memory is I’d of the first one put on there to get it going

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