where in the world is wonder woman?

Excited is an understatement. One day, very soon, I might get to meet my favourite superhero of all-time. Wonder Woman.

Ok, so I am not completely mental. I realise that Wonder Woman is a fictional character and that should I actually get to meet said superhero, she will in fact be an actress in a top quality, but to all intents and purposes, fancy dress costume. But that’s beside the point. She will still be Wonder Woman.

So how come I get to meet her? Well, technically it isn’t just me and I might not meet her – but as part of the MAC cosmetics limited edition Wonder Woman collection (which I stocked up on during my lunch break today – it was an expensive lunch break…), there’s a global FourSquare campaign going on to catch Wonder Woman at MAC stores around the world.

I was beginning to wonder (ha!) when we’d see another big FourSquare campaign since everything seems to have gone a bit quiet on the geo-social media front lately. I just happened to check up on the MAC Wonder Woman stuff because, you may remember, I blogged – very, very excitedly – about this collection when it was announced a few months ago. And I put a reminder in my phone of the launch date so I wouldn’t miss out like I did on the MAC Disney Villains collection. Again, beside the point.

So, a visit to either the MAC website or the Facebook page will hit you in the face KAPOW! style with the social media campaign, and it looks both simple and ambitious. Similar to the Jimmy Choo campaign last year, Wonder Woman will be rocking up to various MAC store locations. She’ll check-in on FourSquare (there will also be clues on Facebook and Twitter) and if you’re quick enough to catch her there, you can collect some limited edition stickers – a select few of which will get you an extra special POW! superhero ring. This will of course mean you are also, officially, a superhero. Obviously. (You see now why I need to get my hands on one).

This literally is a global campaign though and you can catch Wonder Woman anywhere from Sydney to L.A and everywhere in between. She’s very clever you know, and has a lot of air miles to use up.

So far, there just seems to be lots of content on Facebook and the .com site and not so much going on on Twitter or FourSquare. What there is though, is graphically stunning. At least it is if you’re an old-style comic book fan. There’s a lovely app you can mouseover to search the locations the heroine herself will be gracing, on the Wonder Woman tab on Facebook, and also a very nice PDF of the product range that could actually be a comic in it’s own right. Or not. There’s also a couple of YouTube videos to check out too.

I’ve posted a whole raft of pics and videos above and below from the campaign, and the Westfield store where I blew the bank earlier today and you can check my original post here for product images. In the mean time, i’ll keep my eye on this and hopefully report back on how well the campiagn pans out, and whether I do, indeed, get to meet Wonder Woman.

Oh, and if any of you get in my way when the time comes to catch her, I will be forced to use my own super powers to destroy you. Just to be clear.

Wonder Woman Facebook app

Wonder Woman at MAC Westfield

Images courtesy of MAC Facebook and my iPhone4.



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