microsoft plays tag @ LFW

Microsoft TAG

Microsoft have announced that they’ll be working with the British Fashion Council at London Fashion Week using TAG, it’s mobile barcode service, to help glittering fashionistas get the all the info they need about the weeks’ events.

Working in much the same way as QR codes, visitors can scan the barcodes posted around venues and events to get information about show times, directions and access to additional event content. All you need to do is download the app first.

It’s the first time Microsoft has used it’s TAG technology to reach a consumer audience in the UK, although it launched in the U.S last year and it’s likely they’ll be hoping for a decent level of engagement at LFW so it can form a lovely case study and get it’s foot in the door with more UK consumer brands.

TAG differentiates from the likes of QR codes by being embedded in a nicer looking, more graphically designed format which can alse be used to convey marketing sentiment at the same time – rather than looking like some messed up pixels that didn’t come out qite right at the printers.

QR codes haven’t been a huge success (at least in the UK), so will the ability to add visual messaging to these codes – which can also be placed in a more prominent position, presumably – make them more of a success? It wouldn’t look out of place for example, to have the code embedded more obviously in an advert with a clear call to action in the graphic i.e. SCAN ME!

Dolce & Gabbanna have used QR codes at previous fashion weeks, almost as backstage access passes, and while much was said about this in the press, the buzz also died down very quickly. Microsoft TAG will be used on a much grander scale so logically, the impact should be bigger too.



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