get some asos love.


The marketing geniuses at ASOS have done it again. There’s another competition running – ASOS Love – very cleverly around the valentimes day theme – but also ending very soon!

There’s one winner every hour, and in one fell swoop ASOS have managed to come up with a campaign that gets them Facebook page activity, tweets (and therefore influence), maybe a hashtag trending AND extra visits to their website.

The premise is to send ASOS a link to an item of your hearts desire from their website and won lucky winner every hour will with thair chosen item. Before you think it’s a great way to get all those high-end luxury designer bits you drool over on the site, thay have capped the cost of an item you can wish for at £150. But, you can enter as often as you like.

Quite simply, go to the competition tab on the ASOS page, login via Twitter (easiest) or email, click the link to visit ASOS and choose your item, copy and paste the link into the URL shortener back on Facebook, complete the tweet – make sure you add the hashtag (#asosheartsdesire) – and click send. Sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is.

Would dearly love to see the campaign results for this one…



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