fashion 2.0

Fashion 2.0 awards

Fashion 2.0 is the fashion industry’s award show honouring those innovative brands who’ve embraced social media, web, mobile – basically tech and digital – and made the most creative and effective use of it over the past year.

The latest ceremony took place in New York on Wednesday (16th Feb), presented by Style Coalition and sponsored by the Find. I successfully managed to miss this sadly; working late again. However, Style Coalition handily have a  channel on UStream and whilst the show was streamed live online, the full video and/or highlights should be posted later for me (and you) to catch up on.

It seems the big winner of the night was DKNY, taking home four awards for Best Twitter (thanks to PR girl who tweets incessantly as @dkny), Best mobile app,  Best blog and Top innovator. I haven’t personally used the app so I can’t comment but they certainly are on top of things when it comes to Twitter and blogging. I was quite surprised, however, that Burberry didn’t win anything – and barely seemed to be nominated since they’re usually right at the fore with their social stuff and the iPad shopping experience right after the catwalk show was, in my opinion a very unique and creative way to engage with the customer at the point when the collection is freshest in their mind, giving them no time to think or change their minds – whilst looking cool and getting on board with the latest tech asap.

Never mind though. I’m sure these awards mean we’ll see lots more innovation to come and I can’t wait to see what the fashion creatives come up with.

You can visit Style Coalition’s UStream channel here:



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