it’s all in the print.

As I haven’t had time to write lots of brilliant and insightful editorial wonders for you to pore over this week, I will have to keep things ticking over with some stunning pictures from the Spring / Summer 2011 catwalk collections.

With that in mind then, I give you the gorgeous print creations of Mary Katrantzou.

I first saw her stunning creations in Elle Magazine‘s catwalk review and I don’t think i’ve ever seen anything like them before. I will be saving up to get my hands on one of these gorgeous garments and I will just have to gatecrash a wedding so that I have somewhere to wear it!

As i’m blogging at high speed and sadly don’t have the time to give these creations the attention thy absolutely deserve, I am going to leave it to another of the blogs you’ll find a link to on my blogroll (over there, on your right), Printsource New York:

Mary Katrantzou was a print innovator from her first collection just a couple seasons back, but she’s really outdone herself this time. In fact, we haven’t seen anything this exciting and innovative in a long time. Here, interiors have jumped from background to foreground, landing with precision onto beautifully-tailored dresses, and set off by tromp l’oille details like curtains drawing back, lamphshades as skirts, and wall sconces as necklaces. The effect is opulent and magical, and yet totally elegant and wearable.

I can’t think of a better way to say it. Go and have a gawp with beauty and wonderment. But please don’t dribble.


Image: with thanks to Printsource, please take a look at the Printsource blog for more stunning fashion and interior design


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