social climbing with gossip girl.

All the popular shows seem to have cottoned on to the joys of social gaming. And the latest debutante on the social scene is the Manhattan’s elusive and exclusive, Gossip Girl.

I haven’t had time to get into the nitty gritty yet – and from my initial, somewhat clumsy, debut into Upper Manhattan society, it’s complicated. Much, I imagine, as it is in real life…

Regardless, I’m a gaming girl-geek and usually get the hang of these things pretty sharpish so my initial reaction was that this game would get a heft uptake following the hefty PR push, then quickly fail to capture the attention of all but he hardcore fans.

To summarise what I’ve seen so far, players must attempt to climb the ladder and ingratiate themselves with the cream of Manhattan society by gathering social experience points and ‘getting spotted’. To do this, you have to complete various missions that involve attending parties and other events that can be viewed in your daily planner. What was clear at the outset was a couple of things – am I supposed to do anything else when I’ve entered an event? Do I stay until the end? Leave? Click ANYTHING? I couldn’t tell, and the game offered no hint or instruction.

It did however, give me plenty of instruction when I didn’t need it. Slapping a monster guidance box on screen in just the place I was trying to click!

I will try and give it a proper play through later tonight, bit my initial impression still stands – the game isn’t intuitive enough or captivating enough to get into in the first few minutes to fully engross he casual gamer on Facebook.

You can click here to visit the app and give it a go yourself. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my little assessment!



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