write your way into an elle of a job.

Fancy working at Elle magazine (UK)? Doing the rounds of London Fashion Week – and perhaps NY, Milan and Paris too? Want to spend your days looking at gorgeous clothes, footwear, accessories and more….then you might want to enter Elle’s competition.

Ah, if only such a competition had been around when I was younger; I suspect this is thanks in part to The Devil Wears Prada, the internet and social media. Whichever is responsible it’s not fair that I am now too much of a grown up with actual financial responsibilities and fish to feed (not allowed cats in my flat), so I can’t go for what would have been my absolute dream foot-in-the-door job *sigh*.

You, however, can. So, if you haven’t gathered already, Elle magazine is running a competition to find a new intern. And you won’t just be any old lackey either, oh now. You be paid. In real money and everything. For at least six whole months. Can you believe it?!

All you have to do is click here to visit the Elle website and, do what the nice people have asked:

Interested? Show us why you’re the right pick for this rare opportunity by impressing us with a 200-word submission about the spring summer 2011 trends, including a headline. Send us your entry and CV below by Friday 28 January 2011. Applicants must be over-18 and finished with full-time education. The position is paid.

And, you know, don’t forget me when you win. Etc.

Oh yes, you might also want to follow the good people at Elle UK on Twitter too @elleuk. For yays.



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