the model farm.

Farmville Model Farm

I am aware that I bang on about Farmville a fair bit. Sorry about that. But it’s with good cause. Farmville is the perfect example of how a social media game should be done. It’s really the game that kicked it all off.

I’d actually say that Zynga, the developers of Farmville, get it right 95% of the time. There are a few things they need to work on – engaging with their fan base on their Facebook page and in their forums more, sorting out accepting gifts and requests properly, making it so that when a baby animal grows up, it grows into the same thing it was whe it was a foal or calf. Oh, and the iPhone app’s a bit crap too. But that’s by the by.

Today, they’ve launched another nifty little feature which shows why they’re the best at what they do. It’s called model farm and it’s the perfect way to get people spending more of their hard-earned Farmville cash.

Model farm is essentially a button on your in-game friends bar that links through to just what it says, a ‘model farm’. This farm is an example farm, built using all the current special and seasonal items. In other words, this is what you could have – if only you had the money….

It works brilliantly. Now you can see all these little items in situ – so you can get a feel for how they will work on your farm, and often thats what puts people off buying things. The thought that you might have to spend hours rearranging your plantation just to fit in the lovely new giant ice sculpture you just bought or that it doesn’t loook quite right in the only space left – next to a pagoda and pig-shaped hot air balloon.

When you land on the model farm, not only do you see all the items as they were intended, you also see a little tag next to everything that is available to buy. And then you can click on it to, well duh, go and buy it obviously.

I think this is a great little idea and I wish I had access to their performance stats because i’m willing to bet actual Farmville cash (oh yeah, that’s right) that this increases in-game purchases by a whopping amount. I’m also keen to see how much resource is put into model farm and how often it gets updated.

If you’re a Farmville player, please tell me what you think by posting a comment below and if you tweet me @tekstyled, we can DM and hook up as neighbours.



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