go backstage with michael kors.

Michael Kors on Facebook

Michael Kors is the latest designer to get in on some social media action. A quick visit to his Facebook page and you could win tickets to his A/W 2011 show at New York fashion week and get backstage to meet the man himself.

Sadly, if you’re not a legal U.S resident, you’re not eligible to enter which is a damn shame for the rest of the world (if you’re a Michael Kors fan anyway) and a tad cheapskate if you ask me. But still, if yo’re lucky enough to live in the US of A, all you need to do is visit the page, click ‘like’, then enter your email address and fill out the pop-up form. Should take you no more that 2 minutes (assmuning one can type…)

You’ll be whisked off to New York, put up in a hotel and will get to see the latest catwalk collection first hand. Note that there’s no mention of where you’ll be seated though. You’ll also get to go backstage and meet Mr Kors.

This is just another indication that the fashion industry is leading the way in acknowledging social media as the best way to reach out to the public and generate buzz about their brand name. Personally, I am not a fan of MK – not really my kind of style – but his marketing team are doing a great job at using this and other social channels to speak to the people and this competition is certainly getting attention from bloggers the world over.

You can see more on a very nicely branded (if I do say so myself) YouTube channel. Whilst there’s not a huge amount of content on there at the moment, let’s hope this gets ramped up so the rest of us get to see the show too – even though we’re not American 😉

Good luck if you enter!



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