read all about it.


Just a quickie for now. I have created a new page on my blog – you can see it up there in the main nav bar; Quick cuts.

It’s basically just a page of links featuring news stories, websites and other things of interest i’ve come across but don’t really have the time to blog about properly. Or that someone else has done a stellar job on and therefore my two cents is not required. I’ll be doing my best to update it daily (although I can’t promise anything at the weekends!)

I’ll also post links to any competitions and special offers i’ve found online so it’s worth checking daily just in case. Please give me any feedback and let me know what sort of thing you’d like to see more of – both on the blog in general and on this new page.

I’m still working on how to structure this site properly, so you might see things moving about over the next few weeks. Just a heads up.




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