lego is cool.

I am not making my title and opening statement there simply because I got a Lego AT-AT to play with for Christmas (although I did, and it suffers from awesome levels of coolness). Nope. It’s because Lego whizz Tsang Yiu Keung has made Angry Birds out of the stuff!

Rather than rip-off the Mashable via Buzzfeed article, I will simply agree with them:

The union between Angry Birds and Lego is one made in Internet pop culture heaven, or so it seems. To feed your addiction to both, you can check out Tsang Yiu Keung’s Facebook page  — he’s the one responsible for the buzzy beasts.

You can check out the original article on Mashable, and take a look at the images below from Buzzfeed.


Lego Angry Birds 2

Lego Angry Birds 3

Lego Angry Birds 4

Lego Angry Birds 5

All images via Buzzfeed original post.


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