polyvore me.


Today I accidentally discovered Polyvore. It’s one of the most fun things i’ve come across (in terms of what interests me) in a while, so i’m sharing it here for you to play with too.

It’s kind of like a scrapbook for your own personal style. And with it you can create a ‘set’ in the same way as many of the fashion spreads you see in magazines like Elle or Company, where a number of items have been almost pasted onto the page, mixed and matched from different designers and retailers so you can see what’s out there and how things work together.

Polyvore works so well at this in fact that I wonder whether some publishers actually use it for that purpose.

I haven’t delved deep enough into the site yet to give you a detailed tutorial, but essentially you need to register with the site first – or alternatively take the easy option and sign in with Facebook Connect. Once done, you choose a template and simply start searching for items to add to your set using the search box on the right.

Search will offer up suggestions, the same way Google does, and these could be a brand, website or simply article of clothing. Given that it gives these options, you should also have gathered that you can also search by these types, so if you want to look for Topshop dresses and All Saints boots, you can do. If the item you’re looking for isn’t there, there’s a bookmarkable video that tells you how to add items from any site of choice around the old interweb. Handy.

Once you’ve saved your set, you can choose to publish it, which puts a page live on the site for others to see displaying your personal style. There are a multitude of ways these can then be used; I for example, will come back here to create sets for each season or theme, or featuring different types of items that I like and can then use on my blog. The set i’ve created above (and in the link at the bottom) gives you an idea of my own personal tastes. You can also, of course, share your set via Twitter and Facebook, and if you use Blogger or Tumblr (sadly not WordPress – yet) you can publish that way too.

But one perfect use i’ve thought of for this is gift buying. Instead of having friends and family tell you about an item they’ve seen, desperately trying to describe it, just have them create a Polyvore set! That way you’ll know exactly what item you’re looking for and can even click straight through to the retailer to buy it 🙂

I’ll definitely be playing with this some more tonight and i’m sure you’ll start to see Polyvore sets and links crop up on this blog with regularity!!

My set: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=27197057


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