does your bum look good in this?

Need a new challenge for the New Year? Or a new job? Does your bum look good in a pair of Levi’s jeans? Well then, here’s the chance you’ve been waiting for…

Levi’s have launched their search for the ‘Next Levi’s Girl’ via their Facebook page. If you’re not sure what the ‘next’ bit is all about, having never seen the ‘first’ Levi’s girl, it’s because us lovely ladies in the UK weren’t party to the first competition. This time round however, the company is looking for entrants from both the US and the UK. Hurrah.

Sadly, my bum is not suitable for mass consumption and i’m too short anyway. But, if you would like to spend your time showing off your booty in some tight-ass denim, then visit the page asap. You’ll need to become a fan, i.e. ‘Like’ the page first of all. After that, you need to click the tab labelled ‘Levi’s Girl’ (if you’re not taken to it automatically).Then you’ll need to upload a video of yourself telling the good folks at Levi’s why you should win.

They’re apparently looking for someone “hip, passionate about life and social media savvy” – the cunningly unsaid entry requirement reading ‘must have a nice bum’. I’m sure they just left that out by accident.

The competition is open until 2nd February after which point five finalists will be selected and posted on the Facebook page. It’s then up to the rest of us, dear readers, to vote for the winner. The winner will become the face of Levi’s for the next six months and will be based out of the company’s hometown HQ in San Francisco.

Right then. I need a webcam, someone much better at Photoshop than me, and something that dissolves cellulite…



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