i love a good rumour.

Brilliant. Got into work this morning and discovered the best rumour had circulated over the weekend ever. Shame I didn’t notice at the time! Apparently, facebook is shutting down forever on March 15.

Of course, this isn’t true. But I love how gullible people are about these things; so many teenagers around the world flying into blind panic – how on earth will we conduct our social lives without it? We’d have to step into *shudder* the REAL world. AAARGH.

I came across this whilst carrying out my daily morning check up on what’s happened in the world of social meda and digital – in other words, reading Mashable, Technorati, Guardian Online, NMA, IGN Games News and so on. And of course, checking Facebook. The fact that this is the top story on Mashable this morning is hilarious.

Diggint into this then, it seems that some clever little fraudster thought it would be funny to send a chain message around, announcing to the world (via Facebook, naturally) that Facebook would be closing down forever on March 15 2011 because Mark Zuckerberg wants his own  life back. Awesome.

In no way are there holes in that story. Like for example the fact that the lovely Mr Zuckerberg does not single handedly run Facebook. There’s a massive army of people worldwide who keep things going. Like everyone’s mate Tom, for example. I’m pretty sure Mark Zuckerberg only deals with the major stuff at the top of the food chain these days. But, the general populace don’t take such matters into consideration and went ahead proliferating the rumour asap.

That meant groups started springing up left right and centre asking people to join and save Facebook from shutting down – thust creating more widespread panic across the work – and prompting Facebook to respond and on their own blog on the subject. Mashable took it a step further and contacted Facebook Director of Corporate Communications, Larry Yu (NOT Mark Zuckerberg) to get official confirmation.

It’s honestly very hard to believe sometimes that people think so little before acting. With all that goes on in the world of Facebook today, and the news that Facebook overtook Google in 2010 as the most visited website, do people honestly thing something with as much commercial backing, such a huge money-spinning cash cow would shut down just because someone was a bit fed up? Come on kids, use your heads!

So, to confirm (in case I wasn’t clear), no, Facebook is not shutting down. Not on the 15th March – or any time in the forseeable future.

And if you want to chek out more ridiculous hoax stories and urban legends, here’s two great resources for you:

Hoax Slayer – I check this site every time i’m send a remotely dodgy chain email or text message. I constantly tell my family and friends to check this out before they send anything on; if it’s a hoax, it’ll be here.

Snopes.com – brilliant site about urban legends detailing when and where they most recently resurfaced, latest variations on stories etc. Very informative but also a good laugh if you’re bored in the office!



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