digital prettiness.

It’s the second day back at work after New Year. We’re all feeling a bit annoyed about it and would still like to be at home drinking [insert tipple of choice] and watching crap TV. But we’re not. So here’s some lovely images to look at.

I came across this link in a tweet yesterday (bonjour @pixel_jockey) and it was so lovely I felt I had to share it. Plus, since they’re desktop wallpapers, you can replace that Christmas desktop that’s now starting to make you feel depressed and have something gorgeous to look at every time you need to open a new document. Hurrah.

Not always the most original in design, admittendly, but they’ll make you smile nonetheless. I’ve also included a selection below, of course, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


EPI wallpaper

Axon wallpaper

Glory wallpaper


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