ces 2011: day 1 (the story so far).

For those that don’t know CES is the Consumer Electronics Show. And CES 2011 is taking place right now folks, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The geeks o the world (like my good self) have been waiting in dribbling anticipation to see what goodies the elctronic gods have brought us this year.

So far though, i’m a bit underwhelmed. Granted, i’m not actually there. But usually by now there are stories of miraculous bits of digital gadgetry, the sound of nerds everywhere around the world wetting themselves in excitement.

All i’ve seen in ‘top news’ has been various iterations of the tablet, each one hailed as the next ‘iPad killer’. Which of course is unlikely.  And if the tech on show isn’t tablet in form, then it’s 3D in manifestation. The climax of this being 3D doobries requiring no glasses. Um, I believe I already discussed one such item earlier today? Oh, and of course the occasional all-singing, all-dancing smartphone is chucked in there for good measure.

I have however seen one bit of kit that can claim to be downright cool. Lenovo (a.k.a IBM to the uninitiated) brought a bit of retro to the table in the form of an arcade dock mod for your laptop. Hell yeah.

If the picture above has got you drooling uncontrollably already, you’d best pop over to the techradar blog where I originally discovered this technological masterpiece to find out more.

I’ll report more on the news coming out of CES 2011 as and when (if) anything interesting happens.

Tatty bye for now.



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