I’m surprised I haven’t seen this plastered all over every gaming website and magazine. But I guess everyone’s been a bit caught up in whatever shiny new gadgetry or game they got for Christmas. Ho-hum. Still, i’m sure there’ll be lots of Nintendo shouting coming your way…

What i’m talking about is of course the Nintendo 3DS (see what they did with the name there?). Basically, jumping on the thundering 3D train, Nintendo looks to be first out of the gate in the gaming market. Not only launching a funky 3D gadget – but one that doesn’t require any ridiculous plastic glasses.

Aside from the additional dimension, the 3DS will also have much-improved graphics than it’s predecessor, which let’s face it, shouldn’t be too difficult. I love my DS, but it ain’t the best in the graphical department when you’ve got a PS3 to go home to…

The Guardian Tech also has this to say about it:

Apart from its qualities as a gaming device, it’s the first truly mass-market piece of 3D technology, and so it should be no surprise that film companies are lining up to make their movies available on 3DS.

So, stepping into PSP territory then. It’ll be interesting to see whether Sony intend to do anything to keep hold of the handheld film market, although since sales of movie UMDs have never been a big commercial winner.

Game-wise, the console launches with a 3D resident evil title – awesome. The lack of release of resident Evil 5 on the Wii was sorely missed. At least by me. So the fact that the first 3D game on Nintendo is a Resi Evil title makes me very happy. And it looks like plenty of the other big-name publishers will be gearing up to the challenge too.

The next question then is “when can I get my hands on one?” Answer, um, dunno yet. Sorry. But there should be an anouncement out of Nintendo Towers very soon. The rumour is that Japan – as ever – will get their mits on it first with a release at the end of February. Hopefully, Europe will follow soon after.




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