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Latitude Group on Gowalla

A twitter-mate of mine (@Chalky101 – ta!) sent me this link the other day. And whilst Latitude are a digital agency, and therefore you’d expect them to be up on this sort of thing, I thought this was worth honourable mention as a great use of Gowalla – and a great bit of healthy team-building competition in the workplace…

So, the story is that Latitude have recently moved to new offices and in order to get staff settled in, one clever member of staff has created a trip on Gowalla about the surrounding area. And the COO has hopped on board, offering a prize to the first team to complete it.

I think it’s just a lovely idea and a perfect example of what geosocial networks were created for. Nice work.

I should also add, that the blog entry also gives a cracking little rundown on how to create a trip as well as what a trip is in the first place and I *love* the explanation that a ‘pin’ from Gowalla is:

… a virtual equivalent to putting a sticker on your suitcase when you’ve been somewhere new.

Anyway, check out the original blog post here:



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