fashion disaster more like…

Very, very, very quick blog alert for you here. Something I thought you should all be aware of and avoid like the plague. I may have just uncovered the *worst* social game on Facebook….

Again, I have been researching bits and pieces for work, and this time I came across Fashion City. Obviously intrigued since it deals with my two favourite topics, I thought I’d give it a go. I wish I hadn’t.

The graphics are a basic. Ok – not too much of a black mark for a game on #fb, but nevertheless…trawling on. The gameplay is apalling!! Controls that appear and disappear as if by magic; sliders to make things bigger, smaller, wider, upside down (?). Quite why is a mystery. It’s not even fun here to turn things upside down.

Oh yes, and why I would want, when designing my ‘model’ to be able to move their nose, eyes or any other features up and down in placement on their face is very bemusing. Yes, I did use the word ‘bemusing’. That’s how much this discovery has upset me.

Currently the game has just over 229,000 ‘likes’ – please, I beg you, let’s make sure this number does not increase. I’m not sure I could cope.

Now, I need to go and read Vogue follwed by Mashable to get my sanity back. Oh, and find that damn ‘unlike’ button!!


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