twitterati 2010.

Top 10 Retweets 2010

You might have noticed that i’ve gone a bit quiet again. Terribly sorry – back hard at work on the Christmas run of the Million Pound Drop Live. Plug: go and play online tonight from 8pm Anyway, here’s a little something to keep you going in the meantime…

Twitter have released their list of the top 10 most retweeted, um, tweets for 2010. Sadly, most of these are from the likes of Kanye West, and even worse, are Justin Bieber-related (damn you Justin and your corruption of the twitterverse).

There are a couple of crackers in there though – like the fake Al Quaeda post. Brilliant.

Anyway, check out the lovely infographic. Bit wishy-wahy if you ask me – come on Twitter – you can do better than that. Oh, and try not to ponder the social ramifications that this little rundown throws into stark perspective in terms of figures of influence in the media spehere…


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