less bang. more buck (naked).

I just don’t get it. I mean, i’m really confused. Fragrance ads are supposed to be all sexy, or controversial or at least exude some kind of image we aspire to; “if I smell of *enter cleverly ‘intriguing’ fragrance name” i’ll become irrestible to all men / women”, right? So, Marc Jacobs, I don’t understand.

Flicking through the latest edition of Elle magazine last night, I came across the offending ad for BANG by Marc Jacobs. Maybe this was the point, to grab audience attention by being wrong on so many levels that you can’t help but think about it. But why would you want to smell like I imaging the dude in this campaign to smell? Or if you’re female, why would you want your man to exude what appears to be ‘eau de chav’?

I understand the need to be different. To come up with a campaign outside of the norm. But surely you still need to create an aspirational image? An icon of character that personifies the fragrance itself? So what’s so very wrong with this ad; let’s discuss:

1. Why is Marc Jacob’s featuring in his own ad campaign? Yes, I know it’s his fragrance, and if you read interviews with the successful designer, it’s because it’s something he would buy, would wear, and because his business partner said it was a good idea. Sorry Robert Duffy – I disagree.

2. What’s the deal with the SpongeBob tattoo? Really? Come on Marc, I thought you had better taste than that (why else would I have one of your handbags surgically attached to my arm?).

3. The design of the bottle is pretty cool; that doesn’t mean you have to go all out on the tin foil background.This does not come off well, it just looks cheap. Even more so because this particular shot doesn’t cover reach to the edges properly.

4. BANG Hmmm. I get that it’s a name to make an impact, but i’m thinking it might have some other connotaitions as well…

5. Why oh why, Mr Jacobs, did you not shave your chest properly on the day of the shoot?! You have chest hair stubble!!

As you can see, this ad campaign severely distressed me. So much so that I was still thinking about it today and felt the need to tell all of you as well. I think i’m just a little upset that a designer I love has let me down so badly with this awful campaign. More of a wheeze then sputtering fizzle than bang, in my humble opinion at least.

And I haven’t even mentioned the main campaign shot featuring a greased down, naked (bar gigantic and strategically placed fragrance bottle) lounging ‘seductively’ on the offending sheet of tinfoil.

Go look it up. I dare you.


One Response to “less bang. more buck (naked).”
  1. Abbi says:

    I looked it up… I’m going to get some carbolic soap to wash out my eyes…

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