visualise this.

Felix Heinen

As I was hunting around the web the other day in search of some cool “visualiser” type applications to use in a proposal, I came across Felix Heinen’s website. And it was so good I felt the need to share.

Now, I have no idea who Felix is, and I haven’t had time to find out more just yet. What I can gather from his website though is that this is his final year project in information design. I hope he got a first (or whatever the equivalent depending on what country he’s in and what he’s actually studying for…) because he definitely deserves it.

Aside form delivering a massively complex piece of data showing”…the variety and attitudes of members from an internet community like Facebook.” he’s made it look stunningly beautiful.

I can’t really do it justice here but trying to explain something that isn’t mine, so I’d suggest you go check out his website:



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