my protege (she’ll love that).

MTV DJ Hero 2

I am feeling all proud and stuff today. Why? Because my little sister sent me an email linking to the first website she has produced all on her own (as digital producer). Yay!

I told her i’d blog about it, so here I am. The website is a co-branded site for MTV (where she works) and DJ Hero 2 / Activision. And it’s a mighty fine website too (nope, not just saying that because she’s my sister). There’s a very playable PC demo version of the game, competition and a whole load of other stuff. If you watch MTV, you’ll probably see some ads for the competition with the URL.

But why am I particularly proud? Well, aside from the fact that it’s very well produced (and looks awesome), I got her the job. I contracted at MTV for almost a year as senior digital producer, project managing and copywriting their Swatch MTV Playground site. We had too much work on, but had no budget so we got my sister in as work experience.

She took it from there – first bagging an internship, and now a promotion to assistant producer.

Anyway, well done Emma – i’m very proud of you x

Now, go look at the site!


2 Responses to “my protege (she’ll love that).”
  1. Abbi says:

    That’s so cool! Go Mini-Trrop!!!

  2. Abbi says:

    That’s so cool! Go Mini-Troop!!!

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