vintage twitter.

Something I came across earlier this week that I don’t think has had a lot of press (at least, not that i’ve seen). Twitter is now a budding winery.

Nope, this is not some random and cleverly engineered diversification into a completely unrelated industry. Ok, it is a little bit, but not the ‘cleverly engineered’ part, because it’s for charity.

Twitter has joined forces with Califorinian wine afficionados, Crushpad, to produce Fledgling Wine. There’s both a white (Chardonnay) and a red (Pinot Noir) on offer, and $5 from the sale of each bottle goes to Room to Read, a charitable organisation helping to provide education to some of the poorest, underpriveleged kids the world over.

So, a very good reason to buy a bottle or two. (As if you needed a reason to go buy a bottle of wine…)



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