by invitation only.

Rue LaLa

For those of you who don’t know, there is a way to get your hands on some of those coveted designer items without having to choose whether to spend your cash on a Burberry bag or food in the fridge. Hang on, keep reading and i’ll tell you all about it…

There are a number of ‘exclusive’ websites, offering themselves up as member only, by private invitation. Sometimes this is true, sometimes not so much. But all of them do offer some pretty cool offers on designer gear.

Rue LaLa is one such site – and one of the only ones i’ve come across that actually is by invitation only. Of course, you can sign up to request an invitation, but you’ll only get one ‘when a spot becomes available’. The internet tells me they regularly have boutique sales for the likes of Calvin Klein, Mariposa, Juicy Couture (yuk – sorry) to name just a few – but since I haven’t been invited yet, I can’t verify this! I’ll get back to you though…

Beyond the Rack is another example. This is a little less haute in terms of the labels on offer (although they do have an upcoming sale on Dior glasses and have been done to get in on some Burberry action) but the site offers up to 70% off retail and gives you the chance to win credits and cash to spend online by inviting friends. So, consider yoursefl codrially invited: (cheeky, I know, hehe).

Ideeli claims to be the fastest growing members only shopping site in the world and seems to have the biggest presence in social media, but i’ve yet to see anything i’d actually consider worthwhile and their facebook wall is littered with complaints….hmmm.

Anyway, hopefully this has let you in on some online shopping secrets and might even save you a bit of cash this Christmas. Have a search round, join two or three that suit your taste / label love / purse and enjoy! Do note though – many of them are US-based so you might have to wait a teensy bit longer for shipping (sorry).



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