shameless self-promotion.

As previously discussed, I had a left a bit of a blog vortex for a little while there. While part of the explanation is the holiday and the flat-hunting etc etc, a big ol’ chunk of the reason I wasn’t here is because i’ve been busy at work.

And since what i’ve been busy working on is relevant to this blog, I am going to post it here so you can all run off and play nicely.

So, I have most recently been working for Endemol. Yes, that’s right, the TV company who gave us Big Brother. Anyway, one of their other shows is another Davina-machine, the Million Pound Drop Live. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a live game show on Channel 4 where contestants get the chance to win £1m.

The bit that I work on, as you’d expect, is digital. Because unlike every other game show where you spend your time screaming the answers at the TV from your sofa, with MPD you can actually prove you’re better then the people on screen by playing along live online, answering the same questions, at the same time. Oh, and if you log in via Facebook, you can play against your mates and post your achievements too. Neat, huh? (Please bear in mind, I have just come back from America…it’s not my fault).

We also feed through live stats to Davina throughout the show about what’s happening in the online game, and by playing along, you will have contributed to those comments.

A Christmas run has just been announced in the press, so there might be a gap in my blog again in a few weeks time, but at least now you know why and you can save your voice by not shouting at the telly and playing along online instead.

Let’s hear it for the dual-screen generation…



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