girls aren’t stupid.

Now, I am all for geeking-up a few more girls, but it would be great if we could go about this by *not* talking to the female population as though they’re air-headed idiots only concerned with trying to stay upright on 6-inch heels. Because on the whole, we’re not.

So, whilst I applaud Grazia magazine for coming up with their weekly App Show – in conjunction with Lady Geek – this is a plea for them to change the tone of their accompanying copy.

The latest post is about Foursquare. And um, another app about mixing cocktails. Apparently something one can only do in a D&G party frock, but hey-ho.

Anyway. love the idea, love Lady Geek, love the videos and love getting those app out there to the readers, but come on ladies, treat your audience as though they have at least half a brain.–grazia-daily-does-foursquare.htm

You can also follow Grazia on Twitter @Grazia_Live.



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