i’m baaaaa-aaaack.

So, um, hi. Yeah, um, it’s me. It’s possible you’ve been wondering where i’ve been since there has been a distinct lack of blog-shaped action of late (of course, it’s also possible you didn’t even notice my absence)…

Anyway, a combination of flat-hunting, home-moving, late-working and haoliday-taking has meant i’ve been a touch remiss with my writing responsibilities. Soz.

But, I am in fact back and I have a whole stack of stuff to tell you about. Fortunately it seems not a massive amount went on in the world of social media-slash-fashion while I was gone – at least nothing I know about. And if I don’t know about it, well, it obviously isn’t that good.

So, watch this space as I will be back to full posting glory asap with a poper post coming your way very soon.



PS – “Why the Disney pic?” I hear you cry…oh, well, not to make you jealous, but that’s where i’ve been all this time 🙂

One Response to “i’m baaaaa-aaaack.”
  1. Wilde's girl says:

    I was wondering about lack of posts actually, it’s gud to have you back……….

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