vivienne loves me.

Vivienne Westwood handbag

Vivienne Westwood is my favourite designer. If I could, I would dress myself in head-to-toe Vivienne day in, day out. Ok, I might look a bit weird, but I wouldn’t care.

Sadly, I can’t afford to adorn myself exclusively in Madame Westwood’s gorgeous creations. I can however afford to treat myself from time to time. That’s whay I ran practically squealing, to reception this morning when I received the email telling me a package had arrived.

It was the handbag. The handbag everyone in my office has had to listen to me bang on about all week. The bag that I ordered, then was told was out of stock, then had to hunt down and order again, only then to be told my payment wasn’t confirmed even though it had left my account. Finally, I got next day delivery confirmed – and it’s here!!

I was very please to discover that the girl on reception shared my excitement when I told her what was in the box, and then demanded I open it there and then so she could have a look. I didn’t even begrudge her whipping it out of my hands. I’d have probably done the same. After the grand unboxing, I basked in the adoring “oohs” and “aaahs” from random female passersby. The chap manning reception didn’t seem too interested.

Anyway, presented for you above is my wonderful new handbag. It will be a difficult decision every morning from now onward – do I go out with Vivienne on my arm? Or Marc Jacobs? Help!

NB. Thanks to Triads for soring my order and getting it out to me when I couldn’t find it anywhere else!



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