nike truecity

Nike True City

Ok, seems i’m on a bit of an AR blitz this week (bit of a change from shoes anyway). Had to tell you about this though. Nike have just launched a new all-encompassing augmented relaity app called Nike TrueCity.

I haven’t yet got to the bottom of everything this includes, and it looks like a lot. But if I tell you about it now, you can take a look for yourself! Take a look at the TrueCity website for an intro including the trailer in HD. The site hints at ‘hidden’ content all over the City (it covers six cities, one of the being London) and hidden codes, QR codes and presumably lots of other tricks and twists. The app is free to download from the iTunes store.

There’s some brand ambassadors going on here too, with the likes of Tinie Tempah creating their ‘TrueCity’ for us to discover, and in a kind of cross between Foursquare and Facebook, but not quite Facebook Places, we’re invited to create our own TrueCity too. There’s a supporting Facebook tab as well, where no doubt more info will be forthcoming.

I’m going to have a play about with it tonight and see what I can see…

Oh, and you can also look at trainers an’ stuff.



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