women rule (in social media).

I found some interesting stats from earlier this year about demographics and social network usage. Turns out that yes, women rule. At least in terms of mobile use of social networking.

I’d love to look into these stats again, six months on, given how fast the world of social networking evolves. More interesting than the fact that women were ahead of men on every major social network for mobile use, take a look at the age groups leading the way.

Perhaps this ties in with my earlier blog about the Coronation Street social game, or perhaps it’s down to the old adage that women are better at multi-tasking than men. But the leading age group here is actually the 35-54 age group, with 25-34 coming in a close second.

We’re also using mobile social networking to tweet 10% more than our male friends. So perhaps us girls aren’t as technologically challenged as the boys like to think…



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