will you join the corrie nation?

Again, due to my lack of blogging prowess last week, this story is a little late but I felt it worth the mention since I think I have some valid social media observations on the subject.

It was announced in the last couple of weeks that Coronation Street is getting it’s very own social game, Corrie Nation. The game will initially be hosted on Facebook and ITV.com, and seems to be a similar mechanic to the Farmiville style of game. So, build your own Coronation Street community in Weatherfield, go about your daily business and interact with your peers. The twist here seems to be that you have to build ‘drama’ to gain points – an interesting concept.

ITV are touting the venture as a ‘new way of engaging with their viewers’ and they’re the first soap to do this in such a way. What I find interesting is what this points to in terms of the changing social media landscape and population. The demographic of Corrie viewers leans towards middle-aged women, housewives and the working class. That’s not to say others don’t watch – they do – but that’s the key audience. The same key audience that is rapidly growing on social media networks.

It’s particularly noticeable if you look at twitter trends for the UK during the day. Trending goes a little like this: the day kicks off with whatever big news stories are out there, so The Pope, or Pakistan or the Labour party – whatever. After the morning news flurry, trends start to get a little lighter. From mid-morning to around lunchtime, the likes of Loose Women, This Morning, Philip Schofield and Jeremy Kyle will all trend in the top 10 topics.

Once lunch time hits we get a second round of topical news trends, then from 2pm to 6pm, trending gets overrun by teenagers talking about The Wanted, or Justin Bieber or whatever #ireallythink the latest cool hashtag is that day.

ITV and the digital brains behind Coronation Street’s digital offering have clearly picked up on this budding audience, and if they can somehow incorporate elements of the gameplay to inform the show itself,  I think they’ll see a massive jump in audience figures for both channels. Obviously that’s the bit that’ll take some careful planning.

It’s interesting when you think of the number of housewives, unemployed and stay-at-home mum’s that must be getting in on some dual-screen media consumption to get those subjects trending on a regular basis. And it’s definitely something more brands and shows should consider when coming up with their latest and greatest campaigns – social media is no longer just for teenagers and us geeks…


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