benetton augment your reality.

Benetton augmented reality ad

So, if you’ve purchased any one of the multitude of glossies recently, you might have spotted the latest Benetton ads featuring embedded augmented reality content.

For those of you not familiar with augmented reality, it’s basically content embedded in *something* via a code which can then be displayed in any number of ways to enhance the digital experience. The most common use of this content so far is, as Benetton have done, to embed video content.

To reveal the content all you (theoretically) need to do is go to the specified website, get your webcam going and then hold the ad up to the camera. You should then be rewarded with said hidden video content.

Sadly, I haven’t managed to get this working yet despite attempts with a variety of different computers, webcams and adverts from Marie Claire and Company. I have contacted the lovely people at @Benetton_UK via twitter and all credit to them, they have been trying to help – they’ve even offered to call me to speak with the tech team. I’ve been a wee bit too busy over the last week to crack on with this but i’ll be in touch with them asap and will update you.

In the meantime, if you manage to get this working, please do report back and let me know what you thought of it!

If you’re interested in more augmented reality campaigns to date, i’d recommend you check out the most ambitious that i’ve seen, created by Adidas for their Adidas Originals campaign. This cleverly features augmented reality embedded into your very own trainers. Here’s the link.



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