marks+sparks: back in the game.

Marks and Spencer shoes

I’ve had a little bit of a shoe fixation this week, but this is something i’ve been meaning to tell you about all week. Marks & Spencer – officially awesome shoes!

I’m not a massive M&S fan; it’s typically the preserve of people like, well, my mum, and the place I go shopping for underwear (incidentally, their sports bras are AMAZING – but that’s for another day). But, I have a huge Marks & Sparks over the road from where I live and if I get bored, I occasionally head over for a browse to buy knickers and scented candles.

Imagine my shock – and delight – this week, to discover the most amazing range of shoes in their autumn/winter collection! I actually ended up spending a good hour or so trying on various styles, and this all in a store where the lighting in the shoe area was off (no idea why) and I had to grope around in the dimness trying not to fall over.

I’ve put together a range of my favourites on offer in the montage image above. Where Marks & Spencer have really excelled in my opinion, is their shoe boot range. There’s a lot to choose from and they’ve covered off all the trends, colours, texture styles, heel heights and anything else you could want. And the best bit is the pricing, for the lace up patent leather pair in the third row, you’re talking just £35 – bargain! I had to show some serious restraint not to come out with an armful (had to buy one pair, obv.)

My suggestions would be to check out the Marks & Spencer online, unless you’re heading into town and head straigh for the Limited and Autograph collections to maximise on style and price. And if you have some spare cash after that, they also have an exceptionally lovely bang-on-trend deep red, leather satchel going for a song….



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